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Are You Just "Hoping" To Have A Successful Retirement? 04:40
When it comes to retirement planning, hope is not a strategy.
Sequence of Returns Risk 06:27
Is this the time to keep all your investments in the market?
Do You Want A Retirement That's FOREVER Taxed or NEVER Taxed 05:39
How you might turn retirement income from "Forever Taxed" to "Never Taxed"
The "Just In Case" Retirement Syndrome 05:24
How to avoid living a "Just In Case" Retirement.
How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? 06:38
Linda and Tim discuss how much money you need in order to retire.
Long-Term Care Discussion Featuring Dr. Vicki Rackner 17:13
Listen to Linda and Tim discuss Long-Term Care with Dr. Vicki Rackner.
But What If You Need Long-Term Care 07:01
November is Long-Term Care month.
Radio and TV Personality Ed Greene  08:12
Denver Radio and TV Personality Ed Greene talks about the "New Retirement."
Ed Slott, CPA, Interview 19:00

CPA Ed Slott, named the “best source for IRA advice” by The Wall Street Journal, talks about the importance of creating tax-free income in Retirement.

10 Commandments of Retirement 06:00
There are many things to think about when planning for Retirement. Here are 10 things we think should be a part of your Retirement Plan.

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