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Special Guest David Bach Talks Saving for Retirement

10x New York Times Best Selling Author David Bach talks with Linda Gardner and Ed Greene about how to best save for retirement.

Annuities 101: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Linda and Ed discuss what you need to know about annuities.

Stuck in The Middle

Linda and Ed discuss the sandwich generation. 

To Downsize or Not

Linda and Ed discuss the pros and cons of downsizing.

PBS-TV's Ed Slott Talks Taxes With Linda

Listen to Ed Slott and Linda discuss tax planning.

Are You Just "Hoping" To Have A Successful Retirement?When it comes to retirement planning, hope is not a strategy.
Do You Have Enough Money Saved to Retire?When do you know enough is enough?
Do You Want A Retirement That's FOREVER Taxed or NEVER TaxedHow you might turn retirement income from "Forever Taxed" to "Never Taxed."

The 4 Cornerstones Of A Solid Written Retirement Income Plan

Each cornerstone holds up its part of the retirement plan.

Does Your Retirement Have A "Survivor Plan?"

As a couple, if you don't have a plan for the survivor, your retirement plan isn't complete. 

Like Lewis And Clark, Linda Can Help You Chart Your Retirement's Uncharted Territory 

How is Linda like Lewis and Clark?

Taxes Could Be Your Biggest Retirement Expense

Avoid costly IRA and 401k withdrawal mistakes with a sound retirement tax strategy.

Important Retirement QuestionsHave you asked yourself these 5 questions to make sure you're properly prepared for retirement?

Retirement Today Is UniqueRetirement these days is more challenging than in the past.
What To Expect In A First Meeting 

You call and set an appointment with Linda. Then what?

The Importance Of Being Covered For Long Term CareThe need for long term care can wreck your retirement finances if you don't have a plan to cover it.
Michael Burg Talks About Forced RetirementFounder of Burg Simpson law firm talks about the challenge of having retirement forced upon you because of injury or illness.
Jake Jabs Talks About What Retirement Means To HimThe president and CEO of American Furniture Warehouse shares his thoughts on retirement.
Personalized Written Retirement Income PlansIt's our specialty and everyone should have one for retirement.
The "Just In Case" Retirement SyndromeHow to avoid living a "Just In Case" retirement.
Are Your Investments Like a Junk Drawer?It's important to have an organized strategy for your retirement income.

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